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Our strategy

Conducts profitable business in accordance with the values and principles of our company.

Our company is a successful and developing export consulting company. The expertise of our international educated export experts, most of them located in Finland, and our other export services are valued in domestic export companies.

To bring more sales and growth opportunities as well as high-quality and competitive export services to our company's export business customers in a constructive way.


Our values

Our values guide the activities of our employees and agents so that our company's strategy is fulfilled.

Customer orientation
We value and respect our customers. We listen to them and together we define desired goals and the means to reach them.

By always acting openly, we strengthen the trust of our customers and partners in us. Openness and cooperation within our company is a prerequisite for the development of operations and the meaningfulness of work.

We strive for high standards, customer satisfaction and persistence, as well as added value. Through constructive cooperation, we keep quality high and deliver on our promises.

Continuous renewing
We are constantly striving to do better, adapting to anticipating changes, constantly looking for more sensible ways of working and being open to new ideas and creativity.


Our quality policy

Our goal is quality operations which are ethically acceptable. Here we define what is taken into account in our daily work and what are the main principles of quality work. For example, from the perspective of the quality of our services, we review e.g. our service level, networking ability, performance and reliability. Quality is built and developed through each of our employees and agents.

Customer satisfaction
In cooperation with the customer, we develop solutions that meet the customer's needs.

Compliance with the agreement
We consider our agreements to be relevant to the content and quality of our services or other mutually agreed matters.

We follow our success
We do it regularly and act as documented.

Continuous development
Through continuous development, we aim to increase efficiency and improve our company's competitiveness, as well as ensure profitability and the continuity of our operations.

Preventive actions
Through proactive and preventative actions, we aim to minimize the occurrence of errors.

Open communication
Through continuous and open communication and training, we ensure the understanding and implementation of our quality policy.

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