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That's how it started

Lauri Karppanen has a background in mechanical engineering and has been selling Finnish industrial products to Central Europe since 1988.

What has been observed

While working in export marketing positions in Finland and Germany, Lauri Karppanen found that there was little Finnish products available in Central Europe. He also heard about many problems that Finnish entrepreneurs had experienced in the German market. For example, sales in Germany were made using English language without knowing that 85% of transactions in Germany were made in German language. Similarly, while living in Germany, he experienced many challenges due to cultural differences.

To remedy this, he began to plan how Finnish SMEs could better export their products.

Returning from Germany to Finland, he stated that Finland has an unused resource for exports - international students.

FESH has born

After discussions with a few educational institutions, he stated that something should be done to remedy the matter and in 2012, he founded the company Finnish Export Sales House FESH.

Foreigners educated to be export experts

The company's concept is to look for people coming to Finland from any country in the world and educate them to be export experts. After export education, they are marketed to Finnish export companies based on a risk-free hiring contract. These foreigners have the knowledge of the language and the culture of their own country and have on average a better ability to get trade than Finnish-speaking export sellers.

As the company heard from some of its customers that they value experienced people, a concept was developed to provide export services for these people.

Satisfied customers and employed export experts

The company has received very positive feedback from many parties and has succeeded in concluding several contracts with Finnish export companies, which have thus acquired international export experts for their sales tasks. These export experts sell products to their home countries around the world.

Risk-free expert hiring contract

The organization's operations are based on strong export expertise. We have indeed many representatives in different parts of Finland who are all experienced export professionals.

Our company’s goal is that more and more Finnish export companies would benefit from our risk-free hiring option.

What is said about our CEO

Oulu Chamber of Commerce, Esa Pellikainen, Vice President

“Lauri Karppanen has a long and successful experience in export trade and is able to help companies in a practical way. He has been very active in promoting the internationalization of our region by brainstorming and implementing many activities on the internationalization issues of companies and also other actors in our region, such as educational institutions”.


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