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Feedback of Leimet Oy on export expert hiring from Finnish Export Sales House FESH.

The recruitment of our export educated expert produced rapid results for Leimet Oy in the South American market.

Antti Leino, Leimet Oy

"Beatriz Arze, who moved to Finland from Bolivia and Colombia, recieved an export practical training in FESH and has proven to be a very active and productive export seller. We got her in early 2019 through FESH with a risk-free hiring contract. [Read more…]

We offer export services

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⚪️  hire our international export educated expert on a temporary work contract basis and have the possibility to employ him/her when the contract expires

⚪️  hire experienced export managers from us or our partner on a temporary work contract basis

⚪️  our export experts also have digital remote selling skills

start up
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⚪️  market research

⚪️  trade fair project in the target country 

⚪️  activation of dealer network

⚪️  partner search, etc.

export companies,
educational institutions
and individuals



⚪️  general presentation

⚪️  export education webinars

⚪️  export education materials

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⚪️ searching and applying for short- and long-term export funding solutions

⚪️ assistance in selecting grants and preparing applications

Our company's operations

Kieli-ja kultuuritaitoista myyntivoimaa riskittömällä konseptilla. Lauri Karppanen, toimitusjohtaja, Viennin Kauppahuone FESH.

"High-quality know-how to accelerate your company's exports."

Lauri Karppanen, CEO, Finnish Export Sales House FESH

“Our company's operations are based on intensifying the sales efforts of Finnish export companies in a very practical way.

We offer foreign export sales force on the basis of our risk-free concept, i.e. first hire from us and then employ at the export company. Most of our international export experts are located in Finland. They have passed our export education programme and also have language and cultural skills as well as knowledge of working practices from one or more export target countries.

We take care of employer obligations during the hiring period." 

Why from us?

► All of our international trade experts have successfully completed our export education programme also including export selling online.

► Prior to the above training, we ensure that our experts are suitable for export tasks, and that they also have the language and culture know-how as well as working practices of the export target country.

► We offer to export companies fixed-term hiring contracts (e.g. 6 months), with low costs and low risks. We also take care of all the employer's obligations during the contract period. Our goal is always for our customer to employ our export staff after the hiring contract period.

► Our customers have the opportunity to interview our international export expert candidates during the recruitment process.

► We also offer to our customers the possibility to extend our hiring contracts on a yearly basis. In that case, we are also committed to provide complementary training to our experts, if necessary.

► FESH senior consultant coordinates activities during the entire period of the contract.

► We also offer fast and efficient operation provided by our experienced export managers for specific export projects.

What kind of an export expert we provide?

► Our export expert has successfully completed our export education programme, which enables him/her to know most aspects of export trade and is also able to operate in digital remote selling.

► Born in the export target country, he/she masters the language, culture and local way of working, so he/she is able to negotiate more efficiently compared to a Finn with good language skills.

What does our export expert do in practice?

Let's know about your export needs
for your target countries

► We will then do a proposal of our export educated candidates to be interviewed by your company.       

► Once you have selected your potential candidate, you will receive our offer for a fixed-term contract including mentoring. 

► Our objective is that your company may employ our experts at the end of the contract.

Let us know about your export needs for your target countries - Finnish Export Sales House FESH

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