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1. Market research carried out by a local expert

Do you know your potential export markets?

We always recommend market research related to target countries before starting to export to a new target country.

Successful export operations should always be based on market information. In order to minimize the company's risks, it is important to know, in advance, potential customers, competitors, pricing criteria, etc.

Our practical market research is always based on research in which we use foreigners who have come to Finland from different target countries or who have long experience in one of the target countries. They can use local search engines to get information (e.g. different language versions of Google) that provide significantly more information about target countries than e.g. Google.com search engine.

For the time being we offer market research from the following countries:

Belgium, Ethiopia, Austria, China, Nigeria, Norway, Portugal, Poland, France, Romania, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Togo, Turkey, Hungary, Russia, Vietnam as well as Arab countries and South American countries such as Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Export companies can benefit of funding for subcontracting market research

It is possible for any single company to receive 50% funding support for market research from Business Finland's Explorer service. If necessary, we will assist the company in applying for this grant.

The goal of our market research is always to increase our customers' exports.

Our offer after market research

If the market research conducted by our international export expert reveals that there are potential customers for the company in the target country, we can offer his/her work to the company with a fixed-term and risk-free hiring contract.

For this, it is also possible for the company to receive 50% grant from Finnish Center for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres).

How much does market research cost? Here are price examples

- The final price of the market research will be determined after defining the information to be retrieved
- prices do not include travel / accommodation costs.

The following content presentations and prices are examples and intended as a basis for negotiations:

Market research
Price examples (VAT 0%)


1 000 €

⚪️  Contacting of selected customers
⚪️  10 (max) telephone and email contacting


5 000 €

⚪️  Contacting of selected customers
⚪️  100 (max) telephone and email contacting
⚪️  Presentations of activities and products, opinion polls


15 000 €

⚪️  Contacting of selected customers
⚪️  300 (max) telephone and email contacting
⚪️  Presentations of activities and products, opinion polls

2. Export mapping

During a meeting of export mapping with our customer (½ day) such following subjects are gone through:

- Analysis of the current state of exports
- review of products and services for sale
- competitiveness assessment
- what customer needs / problems can you solve well / better than your competitors?
- special skills
- strengths and opportunities for development
- shortcomings and weaknesses.

We will provide our customers with the necessary development measures and target schedules in the final report.

3. Trade fair projects in target countries

- Mapping of suitable fairs
- familiarization with the markets
- acquisition of trade fair information, inquiries
- participation in the planning of the stand and material
- participation in fairs
- aftercare, contacting customers.

4. Export sales

Performing daily sales work with a fixed-term contract. The service includes several areas implemented in a manner agreed with the customer's management team, such as:

- Customer mapping and search
- calls and sending brochures
- procurement of invitations to tender
- translating and sending offers to customers
- calls after offers
- arranging customer visits
- other day-to-day duties of the export manager
- reporting
- proposals for the development of export activities.

5. Dealers acquisition

We offer sourcing services for international resellers from our Finnish partner MT Xport Consultants Oy or our Latvian partner Gateway & Partners.

6. Activation of dealer network

We offer our customers the activation of existing representatives in foreign countries by our export trained expert who came to Finland from the target country in question (in the best case, just a visit and discussions in the customer's language could be enough).

We perform the activation, for example, as follows:

- Ask the customer which of the current representatives is the so-called ideal partner and, for what reason
- creating an ideal representative profile
- we offer the customer the so-called activation of passive agents, e.g. review of the entire dealer network or, alternatively, agents selected by the customer / efficiency check
- our final report includes a proposal for measures to activate the activities of the representative, as well as our proposed measures if the representative is not / cannot be activated.

7. Import assistance

We offer import assistance to our customers with the help of our long-term partner Tenderpilot GmbH.

8. Hiring of manufacturing employee

Hire the manufacturing employees from us, for ex. machinist, welder, user of folding machine. 

9. Foreign person services

We have an international partner who is recruiting locally. They have for ex. workers, engineers, sales persons also to Country Manager -level positions. Those persons are available in whole Europe and for ex. in Turkey, South Africa and in old Russian colony.

Please give us info to which country do you need person competence. 

Interested in our export support services?

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Market research

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