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BASIC, PLUS or PREMIUM, we always have a suitable hiring package for your company's export needs.

Our solutions for export expert hiring are built into three categories: Basic, Plus & Premium.

Our export expert can be an export educated expert or an experienced export manager.

Take also advantage of existing export grants options.

The selection of our export experts and the task definitions are always made together with the customer on a case-by-case basis. We provide experts who have a good knowledge of the target country, fluent language skills and a strong sales attitude. The FESH senior consultant coordinates the activities in the background during the hiring period.

Export expert hiring - Our options


Export sales from the office
Duration 1-2 mth

● market mapping
● searching for potential customers
● setting up export operations in the selected target area / one or more countries
● translation of sales materials into the language of the target country
● expanding the customer register / acquiring new address books
● preparation of a sales letter
● initiate export operations
● trial marketing / submission of materials
● preparation of electronic direct marketing
● designing marketing materials, forms and quotation templates according to the target country
● presentation of activities, submissions of material
● development of export documents.

● multiple potential customer connections are found
● requests for quotation are obtained
● preparing tenders
● the result of the work is a clear vision of how export activities should be developed
● the client company may also employ our hired export experts.


Export sales from the office
Duration 3-4 mth

In addition to BASIC:

● telephone contacts with target companies
● systematic sales work
● extensive market research
● developing an export strategy together with company management
● strong networking with stakeholders in the target country.

● resellers in the target area are found
● networking with stakeholders in the target area is strong.


Comprehensive export sales
Duration 5-6 mth

In addition to PLUS:


● round of negotiations in the target country.

● a sales round can be carried out in the target country
● participation in export fairs.

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Export expert hiring

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