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Export skills enhancement: we offer you the opportunity to improve your own or your export people’s export knowledge without participating to any training session.

No need to travel, save time and money, just focus on learning: our export lecture series have been created in both Finnish and English and are in electronic form, so they are available regardless of time and place, also as single lecture.

Professional and proven to be good materials: we have educated more than 200 people for export tasks using our export materials and always received positive feedback, especially on the practicality of the contents.

Our export education materials -
Contents in a nutshell 

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Understand the requirements of exports
- What does successful export require from the company and its employees?
- Foreign trade risks and their control.
- Experience in exporting.
- Know the special requirements of your exporting country.

Successful export planning and launching
- Reasons to start exports.
- Export strategies and implementation options.
- Marketing and export promotion.
- Contracts required for exports.

Take into account the culture differencies in export trade
- Communication differences and guidelines, culture impact on the buyer.
- Export staff leaving to foreign countries and back.
- Basic knowledge of different business cultures.

For a successful export market research
- Well done market research is a good basis for planned exports.
- What information do you need, where can you get it, how to conduct market research?
- Market and competitor research, an example from Central Europe.

For successful export sales
- Customer acquisition, sales negotiations, meeting planning.
- Sales guidelines.
- Closing of the transaction and aftercare.
- After sales service is important

Starting and developing digital export marketing
- Ability of digital marketing of the company. 
- Preparation to the digital marketing.
- Digital marketing in export sales. 
- Why the digital marketing is beneficial? 
- Executing of digital export and the future.

Export offers successfully
- Issues to consider when preparing an export offer.
- Pricing of planned exports.
- Phases of the export offer.
- The aim of making an offer must always be to receive an order.

For successful business meetings
- Planning customer meetings, participants, preparation.
- Sales instructions, negotiations, agenda, price negotiations, further negotiations.
- Actions after the meeting, customer relationship maintenance.
- Main objectives of business meetings.

Tämä luento on laadittu viennin rahoitusmahdollisuuksien ymmärtämiseksi.
- Viennin rahoitusvaihtoehdot, yksittäishankkeet, kansainvälistyminen, kv-rahoitukset.
- Pankit, luottovakuutusyhtiöt.
- Muut rahoittajat.

For a better understanding of payment terms for export trade
- Payment term options.
- Customer-specific credit information, examples of commercial risks.
- Credit risk guarantees, buyer credit, payment order.
- Cash payments, cash against document, letters of credit.

For a better understanding of delivery terms (Incoterms 2020)
- Incoterms delivery terms, classification.
- Delivery clause, packaging and goods insurance.
- Before making a transaction, the parties to the transaction, the seller and the buyer should know the content of each delivery term.

Get familiarised with major export laws
- General principles of contract law, country differences.
- Form and technique of contracts.
- Creation of the contract, termination, disclaimer, retention of title clause.
- Dispute settlement, legal venue and mediation, business agreements.

Better understand export logistics
- The importance of logistics, the company's order-supply chain management goals, the quality of logistics.
- Freight costs for shipping, documents, containers.
- Other modes of transport, forwarding.
- Ensure the products route until your customers!

How to manage international trade fair project?
- Why should you attend the fair?
- Initial planning of the fair, budgeting, marketing material.
- Exhibition stand planning, schedule, fair program, fair invitation.
- Department staff, fair performance, stumbling blocks, post-production.

For successful international resale activities
- Definition, benefits, challenges and requirements of international resale.
- Dealer activities, acquisition of an international representative and selection criteria.
- Internationalisation, resale and export strategy, market selection.
- Negotiation and cooperation with the dealer, dealership agreement.
- Dealer sparring.

Learn how to avoid export risks
- The risks of export trade can be avoided by anticipation.
- Customer-specific credit information, financial risks, political risks, currency risks.
- Account credit / credit risk insurance, customer-specific risks.
- Delivery and distribution risks, risks for sensitive products, other risks.

Better understand the export distribution channels
- Export distribution routes, indirect export, direct export, export without intermediaries.
- Distribution path selection, market target strategy, export costs, investments and risks.
- Comments on the distribution channels, reseller cooperation.
- Distribution path costs.

Successful after sales
- A satisfied customer is important!
- Tips to improve customer service.
- Processing of claims for damages.
- After sales service.

our export education materials

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