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Export studying is always actual. Now is an excellent opportunity to study export issues regardless of time and place.

Whom are our export education webinars intended to?

For you who

● needs to develop exports, international trade and export strategy

● needs to prepare export operations and do large-scale sales work

● handles increasingly complex export processes and international deliveries

For example:

● export personnel of export companies

● students of educational institutions

● foreigners who have readiness of language and cultural skills of their native country and who mainly live in Finland

● Finnish English-speaking persons whom we can present to Finnish export companies first for domestic trade and later for export sales.

What are the objectives of our webinars?

● Familiarize yourself with the entire export process from design and implementation to aftermarket.

● Our webinars are practical, give export skills to the participants and a strong foundation for working in export tasks successfully.

● After our high-quality education webinars, participants will be able to prepare the company's export operations, carry out large-scale sales work and develop an export strategy.

● The advantage of the above-mentioned activities is that foreigners who came to Finland can also be assisted by ready-made contacts, country knowledge and networks from their home country.

● In educational institutions, export education is adapted to the educational programme of the educational institution.

Content of our basic
export education programme

Learn and understand all the necessary export issues.
Our webinars are very practical and covers the following export areas:

● Export requirements for the company and its employee
● Export planning and launching
● The influence of different cultures in export marketing
● Market research
● Export sales
● Digital export marketing
● Preparation of an export offer
● Business meeting
● Export financing

● Export payment terms
● Incoterms 2020
● Export law
● Export logistics
● International trade fair project
● International resale
● Export risks and their avoidance
● Export distribution channels
● After sales

Mode of education

● Carried out as a webinar.

● The presentation languages are Finnish or English.

After the education programme

● Participants will receive an "export passport".

● If the participant so wishes and upon agreement, a participant profile will be set
to the FESH export personnel register.

● For foreigners who have come to Finland, for Finns of good language skills
as well as when students agree, FESH may handle the marketing to export companies.

We offer


Export education webinars

Increase your export skills. Identify the importance of your own export activities by means of success, profitability and risk avoidance.


Only export education materials

No need to travel, save time and money, just focus on learning. Only education materials without participation to any webinars.


Vientikoulutuksen kouluttaja. Lauri Karppanen, toimitusjohtaja, Viennin Kauppahuone FESH.

Lauri Karppanen, CEO, Finnish Export Sales House FESH

Lauri Karppanen has a long and successful experience in export trade. He has trained more than 200 people in export and has used the export lectures he has prepared for it. He has always received good feedback about his lectures, especially about the content of the education and the practicality.

What is said about
our export education webinars



"The professionally designed export education programme was up-to-date and practical. The practical guidelines of the webinar have given to me good prerequisites to successfully manage international trade.

I highly recommend this webinar to marketing and sales people who want to improve their skills, learn new things and enhance their international trade competences."

Enoh Ibok Jackson


Oulu University of Applied Sciences

"Lauri Karppanen, Finnish Export Sales House FESH, has worked as a lecturer in MASTER training for our Technology Business course in the semesters 2014-2015.

The lecture has been very practical and based on strong export experience. "

Hannu Päätalo, tutkinto-ohjelman vastaava

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