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Jarmo Rajala, CEO, Nestor Cables

“Oliver, who moved to Finland from Germany, participated in the export education programme organized by FESH, which further strengthened his previous knowledge of international trade. During the six-month fixed-term contract, Oliver demonstrated his ability in export sales and we decided to recruit him to Nestor Cables as Sales Manager with a focus on German-speaking countries.

I recommend this export education programme organised by FESH to other companies involved in export trade.”

Pekka Hosio, CEO, Champion Door

"Some greetings from a satisfied customer.

Over the years, in our export organization we have had two good export assistants we hired first from FESH and then employed. The employees have proven to be highly motivated and have quickly learned the tasks required and are self-motivated in their work.

I have recommended the services of FESH to our partners as well."

Pekka Hosio, CEO, Champion Door

“The FESH services work great and it was easy for us to buy them. The costs were reasonable and the risk of failure was minimal. The activities were developed on a fast schedule, as FESH hired trainee was highly motivated and through him and with the help of FESH mentor we had access to more information on export-related issues we needed.

The export expert we selected and got from FESH has done a high quality job and, in our opinion, has been well prepared to develop our sales to Russian-speaking areas during the export education programme period organized by FESH.

Thanks to these good results and at the end of the hiring contract, we decided to get this FESH export expert employed in our company.”

Ari Kärjenmäki, CEO, Tarkmet

“We have got a highly motivated export expert for our sales organization through FESH. He has the ability to sell our products as well as to familiarize with our staff in less than three months. He managed to achieve commonly agreed goals, meaning that with his help we got sale deals, so we are going to employ him to our organization.

Thanks to FESH for having provided a practical export education programme to our selected export expert and for a good cooperation with us.”

Hannu Leppälä, Centria AMK

“Lauri Karppanen prepared and guided the export coaching programme and looked for suitable companies in the area that enabled the international students to be employed. The work assignments were defined and focused primarily on the student's home country. Several companies from the south of Oulu area were involved in the project.

FESH made hiring contracts with two industrial companies in our area to allow two recent engineers of the export coaching programme to start export operations in these companies. Several other companies are still under negotiation. The project also supports nationwide efforts to increase the internationalization of Finnish SMEs.

The Ylivieska education centre has been very satisfied with the FESH cooperation and strives to find workable and permanent solutions for foreign students to be employed by Finnish companies after the pilot phase.”

Anders Burman, International Account Manager, Mirka

“We have got a good export expert from FESH for our customer service organization. He has quickly joined our team of experts and has been performing his duties very well.

Thanks for FESH to have providing us such a good expert and for the good cooperation." 

Erkki Kivelä, Chairman of the Board, Agronic

“We hired from FESH a Russian engineer to sell our machines mainly to Russian-speaking areas. He quickly learned our way of working and proved to be a good seller who soon began to make profits. At the end of the fixed-term hiring contract we employed him.

I thank FESH for the good mentoring provided to him and us during the hiring contract period."

Antti Leino, CEO, Leimet

"Beatriz Arze, who moved to Finland from Bolivia and Colombia, received an export practical training in FESH and has proven to be a very active and productive export seller. We got her in early 2019 through FESH with a risk-free hiring contract.

Beatriz has actively defended the interests of our company on a trip to Central America. She has been well received by the Spanish-speaking market, she is able to interpret customers' thoughts and messages "even between the lines" as a culturally literate person, and she also knows how to communicate naturally in all situations.

We want to communicate with both the customer and the end users, and here Beatriz’s style and strengths of action are conducive to strengthening our position in the Spanish-speaking world. She has the ability to challenge the customer, she knows how to ask the seller the best question: WHY?

In six months, Beatriz has acquired a huge amount of knowledge about both piling and the product world of the pile extensions and rock tips we manufacture.

Our intention is to bite more and more into the Latin American market, and thanks to Beatriz, I believe we will succeed here as well. We intend to employ her. We also recommend the services of FESH to other export companies.”

Teemu Koskela, Sales Director, KPA Unicon

"We got a very positive feeling of the FESH concept and we made a hiring contract related to one export expert whose tasks were to market our boiler plant to the growing energy market in West Africa."

Timo Huttunen, Sales Director, Lametal

“We made a hiring contract with FESH related to one experienced Norwegian export expert whose tasks were to activate our Norwegian dealer network. As a result, we got a new dealer from Norway, who will be very important for us in the future, and an experienced Norwegian seller to handle trading in Norway as well.

We are very satisfied to cooperate with FESH and we also warmly recommend the services of FESH to other export companies.”

Esa Suutari, Head of Marketing & Sales, Sunit

"Esa Suutari from Sunit Oy considers the export experts educated by FESH to be worthy, for example, for a company that is just planning to start exporting to a new target country.

When foreigners, who move to Finland, are educated to export, export companies should definitely benefit from them. They have naturally a ready knowledge of the culture of the target country and it is much easier for them to approach the customer."

Niko Palosuo, Global Head of External Communications, Covestro

“It's an ingenious insight and a great business idea to accelerate Finnish exports! I raise my hat for that great idea we also implement ourselves around the world.”

Roelof Aalpoel, student

“I attended FESH´s export training course a few years ago. I was pleasantly surprised by the contents; the course was full of practical information which have helped me a great deal in my role as a sales representative for a technology company. It is a great way to give yourself a jump-start for a position in international business. I would very recommend taking the course if you plan on a sales, export or logistics related role in an international company."

Roelof Aalpoel
Sales Representative
Screentec Oy

Enoh Ibok Jackson, student

“The professionally prepared export education programme is accurate, up-to-date and practical. In addition to the fact that the learning atmosphere during the lectures was enthusiastic, FESH's Lauri Karppanen gave to participants answers to questions about exports based on his personal and long-term experience.

Together with my own international trade education, FESH's specific export education has given to me the skills to successfully manage international trade. I have also received practical guidance on how to handle export routine tasks.

I warmly recommend this export education programme to people who want to become international trade experts.”

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