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Here is the list of our hired export experts in export companies' projects by nationality:

GERMAN / Export sales tasks to central Europe.

POLISH / Experienced export expert, sales tasks to Poland.

COLOMBIAN - BOLIVIAN / Export sales tasks to South America.

KENYAN / Export sales tasks to Africa.

ESTONIAN / Engineer, sales tasks to Russia.

CHINESE / Engineer, sales tasks to China.

RUSSIAN / Engineer, sales tasks to Russia.

AMERICAN / BBA, sales tasks to North America.

NIGERIAN / Two contracts with Nigerian BBA:s in two different Finnish companies, export sales tasks to Nigeria.

SWEDISH / Experienced export expert, sales activation of Swedish and Norvegian dealer networks.

FINNISH / BBA, export assistant tasks.

FINNISH / Engineer, sales tasks to Scandinavia.

FINNISH / M.Sc., sales tasks in company's office in Germany.

CHINESE / M.SC., sales tasks in China.


A strong foundation for success in export tasks

We educate foreign students who moved to Finland and Finns with international experience to be competent export experts for companies that want to start or increase the efficiency of their export operations to the EU and the rest of the world.

We implement practical and modern export education webinars in English and, if necessary, also in Finnish.

We handle student selections through personal or remote interviews.

In the past, we organized traditional export education lectures in the respective Finnish educational institutions:


The FESH-project with the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences and the University of Jyväskylä started in January 2016. We provided export education lectures to current and former students focused on the internationalisation fields.

VAASA / 2014-2015

The FESH-project with the Vaasa University of Applied Sciences started in April 2014. We provided export education lectures to students focused on the internationalisation fields.

We trained 20 international engineering / BBA students at Vaasa University in March-April 2015. Our training group included mechanical and IT engineers as well as BBAs studying international trade.

KUOPIO / 2014

The FESH-project with Savonia University of Applied Sciences was launched in March 2014. We provided export education lectures to current and former students focused on the internationalisation fields.

OULU / 2013-2015

The FESH-project in co-operation with Oulu University of Applied Sciences Oy was launched in October 2013. We provided export education lectures to current and former students focused on the internationalization fields.

The FESH project in cooperation with Sillat Oy started in November 2014 and ended in January 2015.

The FESH project in cooperation with the University of Oulu started in September 2015 and ended in December 2015.


The pilot project was implemented in cooperation with Ylivieska CENTRIA University of Applied Sciences. 3-5 companies, that needed to start or strengthen export trade, were selected. At the end of the project, we agreed on 6-month hiring contracts with two Finnish export companies, at which time two of the students / export experts we trained started assignments at our clients' premises.

The contracts expired at the end of 2013. We agreed on further cooperation: one of the companies employed our candidates and the other made a follow-up hiring contract with us. We obtained very good references from both Centria and our customers.

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