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Our personnel services have been planned for the needs of export companies.

Our services are based on a logical, practical and efficient
operating model for export companies that want to launch or streamline their export operations to the EU and the rest of the world.


1. Export education

We educate foreigners who moved to Finland and Finns with good language skills to be export experts.


2. Marketing

We market them to Finnish export companies for export assignments.


3. Contract

We agree on a fixed-term and risk-free hiring contract with the Finnish export company.


4. Guiding & employment

We supervise and guide the activities of the project. Our goal is always for our customers to employ our export experts at the end of the contract.

How do we operate?

  •  We provide export education to foreigners who moved to Finland as well as Finns who have good language skills.
  •  In addition, we offer experienced export managers for specific export tasks.
  •  The export experts are hired under a fixed-term contract to assist and manage export operations in Finnish export companies. The temporary export service can be implemented efficiently, at low cost and with low risks.
  •  An individual export development plan, job description and goals are tailored to each export company.
  •  The goals of export operations and the description of the export expert's tasks and responsibilities are always drawn up according to the company's needs.
  •  During the contract period, our export expert is guided by our senior consultant in the background. We also take care of the employer's obligations.
  •  Our goal is always for our customer to employ our export expert at the end of the project.

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Our way to provide a competent export expert to your company

  1. We arrange a meeting or interview with most potential export expert candidates for your needs.
  2. You do the selection of your appropriate candidate.
  3. We send you an offer for our hiring service.
  4. We issue a contract for a fixed period of 6-12 months.
  5. Our export expert starts duties in your company.

The goals of our export expert are always:

  • Establishment or strong development of export operations.
  • Determined increase of the company sales.
  • Profitable trading.
  • Employment in our customer's company.

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